GTS RS Simulator Suite Upgraded

Wednesday, 25 July 2018 by

The GTS RS Suite has now been significantly upgraded. We now have a full glass partition separating the simulator from the engineers area. This allows us to do full live and post session data analysis whilst the driver is left uninterrupted to drive. We also have full pit to car radio for direct feedback if

Ayrton Senna Follow Up Video

Friday, 29 June 2018 by

The follow up to the Ayrton Senna Throttle video is now here! Firstly, a huge thanks to all our new subscribers to our YouTube Channel. The video exceeded our expectations and hit over 50,000 views. This video also has a very rare video of Ayrton Senna actually explaining his throttle technique. We are happy to

If Ayrton Senna’s throttle technique doesn’t give you a headache it really should, I know it has caused me endless hours of torment. The thing about Senna’s throttle technique is that it breaks almost all of the generally accepted rules about proper throttle technique. The great Jackie Stewart once stated that you shouldn’t “put your

Author: Alan Dove – GTS RS Driver Performance Consultant – [email protected] – 07549994245 Driving a race car on the limit is one of the most fantastic examples of the human brain’s ability to adapt and adopt a completely unique task and excel at it. I can’t stress enough what an incredible piece of hardware the brain is.

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