Providing the ideal platform for drivers to increase their performance and dominate on the racing track

Our GTS RS CCR Pro Simulator has been designed specifically for professional racing drivers and teams. Fitted with the latest in commercial grade hardware, the simulator provides a true to life representation of closed cockpit circuit driving. With a full seamless 5 metre 210 degree wraparound screen the driver is provided with an accurate visual representation of a racing circuit. This increased immersion not only helps the driver to get in the 'zone' but helps with correct driver visualisation techniques such as looking ahead and picking up apex points.

Using a full size BTCC chassis originally manufactured by 888 Engineering, our CCR provides a familiar and comfortable environment for drivers with many options to create the perfect driving position.

Simulator Features
  • 5 metre 210 degree Diameter High Gain Projection Screen
  • Custom Enclosed Box to ensure clarity, contrast and brightness
  • High Resolution WUXGA Single DLP Chip Projection System With In Built Edge Blending and Correction
  • Powerful Force Feedback Steering System capable of producing LMP levels of torque
  • Adjustable Pedals (Throttle, Brake and Clutch)
  • Sequential Shifter / Paddle Shift Option Also Available
  • 7.1 Surround Sound With Tactile Feedback
  • Passenger Seat for Driver Coach / Engineer
  • Communication Link Between Control Room and Driver / Data Coach For Adjustments