Circuits & Tracks at GTS RS Racing Simulation

We have hundreds of circuits and cars available to us. If you do not see the circuit you are interested below or would like to know if we can cater for a particular car type, please email us at [email protected] and a member of our team will help.


We have a large catalogue of laser scanned circuits available for you to choose from. With our circuits, we believe quality is better than quantity. Our circuits are true representations and are highly optimised to provide a consistent and accurate drive. With our circuits you can practice your driving techniques on a variety of corners or if you get an exact match, prepare for a race meeting or test day.


Due to the nature of our simulator we can cater for almost any closed cockpit series such as WTCC, Touring Cars, DTM and so on. We have a variety of GT3 specification and touring car models to cover the vast majority of professional and club racing championships. Our car models have been developed using accurate data and provide a base from which set up changes can be made. We have models for a variety of car formats ie: front engined, mid engined, rear wheel drive, front wheel drive. Our models are constantly refined and based on real life data.