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Smooth Isn’t Always Fast – Ayrton Senna’s Throttle Technique

If Ayrton Senna’s throttle technique doesn’t give you a headache it really should, I know it has caused me endless hours of torment. The thing about Senna’s throttle technique is that it breaks almost all of the generally accepted rules about proper throttle technique. The great Jackie Stewart once stated that you shouldn’t “put your […]

Have Scientists Found the Key to an Elite Racer’s brain? A Closer Look at the Retrospenial Cortex

Driving a race car on the limit is one of the most fantastic examples of the human brain’s ability to adapt and adopt a completely unique task and excel at it. I can’t stress enough what an incredible piece of hardware the brain is. Take a moment to consider that there isn’t really an activity […]

Advanced Eye Strategy For Elite Racing Drivers

Advanced Eye-Strategy in Highly-Skilled Race Driving – a Review Quite often the advice to drivers is to ‘look further ahead’ or ‘look at the exit before you hit the apex’. The base concept is ‘look where you want to go’ and this will result in forcing the brain into ‘flow state’. While this might be […]