Ayrton Senna Follow Up Video

The follow up to the Ayrton Senna Throttle video is now here! Firstly, a huge thanks to all our new subscribers to our YouTube Channel. The video exceeded our expectations and hit over 50,000 views.

This video also has a very rare video of Ayrton Senna actually explaining his throttle technique. We are happy to know it was just as mystifying to him as it is to all of us!

Although the technique is proving to be as mentally straining as the great man said himself, Alan is making significant strides into it. We can see it is starting to become an integral part of his driving technique. After lots of data analysis the evidence is starting to present itself. The lack of variables of the simulator allow us to go in depth and isolate the key areas where we can focus on. We will be following up with a video on a real track very soon.  It will help us to understand the full scope of this technique as well as talking to drivers who naturally exhibit some of the characteristics of Ayrton Senna’s technique.

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