Learn in the virtual world, dominate in the real world

Practice on an advanced racing simulator to get the edge over your competition

GTS RS provides a professional race car simulator centre and performance preparation service in London for club level, amateur and professional racing drivers.
We specialise in endurance racing training for events such as the Le Mans 24 Hours, Spa 24 Hours, Dubai 24 Hours, VLN, GT racing such as FIA GT3, Blancpain GT Series and WEC. Due to the nature of our simulator we can cater for almost any closed cockpit series such as WTCC, Touring Cars, DTM and so on.
We have a variety of GT3 specification and touring car models to cover the vast majority of professional and club racing championships.
Onboard Lap - Pro Driver At Spa

What Our Customers Think Of Us

  • It's the best preparation I ever had. I drive in the gt4 European series and test days are rare. This helps me to get to know the tracks and get a better feeling for the car. Also the team is amazing! We do data and video analysis step by step and I had always a big improvement. And that helps me and safe so much time on the real track. I'm so happy to work with them together
    Doreen Seidel - GT4 Racing Driver
  • I have just been into GTS-RS Racing Simulation for a session! It was an amazing piece of kit and very high tech! Its the most realistic simulator out there with an amazing owner! What a way to spend a Thursday morning!!
    Ross Connolly - Brentwood Academy Driver
  • By far the best GT sim out there! Super realistic set up and visuals! Would recommend to anyone that wants some track time! The data analysis is incredible too.
    Leyton Clarke
  • Thanks to GTS-RS Racing Simulation for an excellent session in their simulator. By far the most immersive & accurate sim I've been in. They have serious pro hardware installed in an old 888 engineering BTCC car, and the level of immersion was incredible. And its a workout like driving the real GT cars. Full telemetry & customisable cars meant we could dial the car in to be as realistic as possible and I found myself lapping as quick as I would in real life. Awesome service too. They'd researched what I'd been up to and had Imola and the 458 GT3 ready to go when I arrived. If you find yourself in the UK or near Heathrow, you've got to check them out.
    Renato Loberto